Monday, May 7, 2012

30 Before 30 - Go Camping In Warren

Yup!  Still working on my 30 Before 30 List.

Saturday Mr. T called me while I was in Mercer visiting a friend.

Did I want to pack up and go camping?


Was this planned?


Is that okay?


T got out of work at 2 and we were packed, hooked up to the camper and on the road by 2:45.

I love Warren.  There's Kinzua DamAllegheny National Forest, Jake's Rock and Rim Rock.

It's a bit of a drive though, 90 minutes after we left home we were driving up the side of a mountain.

and up

and up!

My BIL and SIL had already arrived and picked out a place for us to camp, they were brilliant and found a site next to a clear mountain runoff stream that came into great use throughout the next 24 hours.

It had been almost 8 months since I was in the camper last, it felt so good to use it for its intended purpose and not as a temporary home!!!

I'm not really sure what pose my husband is rocking here! LOL

The best part about the entire weekend was how happy my sweet lady bird was!  She ran through the woods, played in the stream, put up with Pixel (my BIL and SILs dog) better than she ever has.

Here are some additional pictures from the weekend.


The cup holder in my camp chair was just the right size for queso, but so tempting for puppies!

Begging almost never works Pixel!

We didn't have cell signal, but we all still tried to use our phones all weekend, LOL.  I was JUST as guilty as these two.

Comparing white legs, a battle royale of "who is paler".

T is about to get slapped.

BIL Grill Master

Mr. T doing some kind of awkward dance!

SIL enjoying a delicious bacon cheese burger cooked on our campfire.

Why must men strut as they collect firewood?

We are camping beauties!

We played Phase 10 under the Super Moon.

Breakfast Sunday morning was REAL healthy!

Yes, that is a smore made off chocolate chip cookies.

Salamander the guys brought back from one of their fire wood explorations.

There was also about 2 hours dedicated to pushing this dead tree over a small creek to make a bridge... it was pretty epic.

Sunday by noon we were packed up and back off the mountain.

See what a grubby camping girl I am!

I also took a picture of my ridiculously dirty feet,  but I wasn't sharing that pic!

This is the worlds most exhausted camping puppy.... in fact she still hasn't recovered, she's asleep on the floor by my feet right now!

It was a really great weekend, probably the first time where it's just felt right to be home, to be in these familiar places and with familiar faces.


  1. That is such a great area! James and I have talked about retiring to PA, but that is 8+ years down the road. I would love to be that close to all my family, but feel bad that it's so far from Louisiana (all his family)

  2. That sounds like a really fun weekend - super moon and all!


  3. that looked like fun! loved the captions, lol.

  4. You look so much like your young self in that last photo. How fun to see that. I remember that happy little girl!!!

    I was so very excited to receive a package from you today!! So was Miss Chelsea!! Thank you, so much, for the wonderful winnings and the hoodie you designed for Chelsea. It is gorgeous!!

  5. We adore camping too :) We have a fun camping trip to the river planned for the end of May. Three whole days of technology free glory!

  6. It's been a while since we went camping, so this post filled my heart. Thank you.


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