Blog History

I originally started blogging back on MySpace.

Remember when everyone had a MySpace page? I was one of those bloggers. 

I was once at the top of one of their blogger lists for a 24 hour period... it was basically the highlight of my online life.

I really started blogging seriously while my husband, Mr. T, was stationed in Iraq for a year.  the idea was to tell the honest and real truth about living with a sugar addiction, being Insulin Resisitent, having PCOS and the infertility that Mr. T and I had been dealing with since 2004.

In that blog I chronicled our first attempts at fertility drugs, our first attempt at adoption and my many attempts to lose weight.  None of those things worked out and I started to get really bitter.

I saw a therapist.

I blogged about that too.

What I wasn't blogging about were all the things in life that DO make me happy!

Cooking, Scrapbooking, Paper Crafting, Sewing, Home Decor, Music, Movies, Fashion, Writing, Reading, Canoeing, Camping, Hiking, and so much more.

So here is where I'm taking everything and putting it all together into one (as my friends call it) "supah blog"

I hope you enjoy.