Meet The Planners

Remember when you were little, and you had a plan.

A life plan.

Married by 21.

Kids by 25.

Somewhere along the way a house, a good job, maybe a dog.

Well, this is what happens when life doesn't quite turn out the way you plan.

Remember folks, if you ever want to make God laugh tell Him your plans.

It all started back in 1999 when PJ started a new school.  That very first day she noticed a very cute Senior; and then spent the next 4 months kind of stalking him.... just a little.

Interestingly enough in December that stalking paid off and the first date occurred.  A really cool friendship blossomed, and then a really cool relationship.  A quiet boy and a rambunctious girl fell in love.

Mr. T graduated and patiently waited two years for PJ to finish up with school.  Well perhaps not so patiently because that was an engagement ring on her finger at Senior Prom. 

A few months after her graduation they tied the knot and settled down.  Mr. T joined the Navy and for the next 8 years they lived a military lifestyle.  Until quite unexpectedly that ended and so they packed up and moved home.

Along the way they made friends, adopted dogs, had adventures, went on road trips, laughed.... a lot.

This is our life, it's not going exactly the way we planned... but it's okay because we Plan in Pencil!